welcome to the mind of al yin

I like to make things.

Pretty okay at programming, 2D/3D design, video editing, web design, writing, and drawing.

My resume

And do things.

Terrifically amazing at taking naps, eating food, and wasting my time on the details.

Personal Ethics Statement

Here I say things for HDCC105. (It's a work in progress.)

Think like an existentialist, plan like a utilitarian, play like an absurdist.

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Selection of my projects


"Advanced Object Oriented Tower Defense", demo for tower defense game built with Java. Collaboration with Sahil Dev. Keys 1, 2, and 3 to select tower, click to upgrade.

Trouble in Fuyuki

2D minimal platformer RPG built with Java. Collaboration with Nikodemos Koutsoheras. Arrow keys to move, Z and X to interact.

Smartphone Elements

A video that maps out the litany of elements that go into constructing a smartphone.

Impulsive Driving

A mockumentary posing as a auto safety video - or is it the other way around? Offers a closer look into a car accident and the physics behind it.


Java version of the classic Windows game.

Shapes and Stuff

A GUI based drawing application.

A'maze'ing Mazes

Customizable maze generator, displayer, and solver. Uses possibly the worst algorithm possible for any.

Visual Directory

An album of my 2D design stuff and art. Vector and rasters.